How to place an order

The following information is important when making an order.


1. Name for the order: Homeowner or Contractor

2. Address for the job location

3. Telephone number of the contact person on the job

4. Description of your project - what are you pouring?

5. Concrete mix type PSI? (It is highly recommended for a minimum of 4000 PSI for all outdoor flat-work.)

6. How many yards of concrete will you need?

Please refer to the concrete calculator on this page for accurate information and add 1/4 yard so that you don't run short.

For information on what one cubic yard covers click here


Having accurate dimensions are necessary.


7. How will you be paying for this? Cash or Credit Card. 

(We do not accept checks!)

For more information on proper maintance of your concrete please refer to the Concrete Guide

For questions about your order please refer to the Concrete Q&A page

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